COVID-19 Information

With the recent outbreaks of COVID-19, we’ve been asked what we’re doing to keep our customers safe. Our business is supplying you with paintball equipment and providing on-site support to keep it all going. Our commitment to keeping you safe begins with keeping our rental equipment clean and sterilized for your use.

Paintball Masks

We use the 3-sink cleaning system…

Step 1: We wipe down the returned rental mask and dip it in a disinfecting solution. We use a product called OdoBan, which is an EPA registered disinfectant.

Step 2: We wash the mask with soap and water.

Step 3: We rinse the masks with water and set it aside to dry.

Step 4: We rest the mask. We’ve increased our rental fleet to ensure that all masks can sit for a minimum of seven days before their next use.

Paintball Markers (Guns)

Paintball guns are wiped down and squeegee’d on return and sprayed with a disinfectant solution.


Our staff are temperature checked at the start of each shift. You will see us wearing masks while interacting with our guests.


We ask that you kindly stay home if you feel sick or have any flu/cold/fever like symptoms.

Closing thoughts…

Paintball is a wonderful sport that encourages social distancing by nature. We’re outdoors. Paintball is a non-contact sport, and we rarely get under 20ft from the players we play against. Our teammates will do better spreading out across the field for more angles.

With that said, paintball is not a necessity. We love having players out, but please know we’ll likely still be here when COVID ends. Use your best judgement, wash your hands, wear masks, and come visit us just as soon as you’re ready!

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